8 Fastest Ways to Treat Bedsore at Home


8 fastest ways to treat bedsore at home

We are known for a number of diseases and medical conditions. Having bedsores is a condition when a person is bedridden. A person can get bedridden because of any health condition of theirs, which can result in the person having bedsores. Bedridden patients have to sleep straight, which makes their back touch on the bed for more than a usual time resulting in the blood supply being hindered at any part of the body which will also cause skin damage resulting in a bedsore being appeared.

Many people start taking preventive measures and that’s why many bedridden patients didn’t get bedsores. But it is very difficult to follow all those measures. Stay alert if you have a bedridden patient at your house and look out for any red patches or spots on the skin. In the case when bedsore has appeared, care should be started from that time only. Because a bedsore changes color with a period making it more painful for the person to bear. Bedsore with mature growth might not heal easily.  The longer it lasts the longer and difficult it will get to heal it. There are some ways mentioned below through which you can easily treat bedsores at home only if treated immediately.

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has treated many health conditions. This plant is known for preventing bacterial infections from any body part.  When applied to bedsore, soothes and heals the area and prevents any further bedsore occurrences in the future. Also known for its best function that is to prevent itching making it the best and quick remedy for bedsore.

Diet and Exercise:

All of us know that bedsores are a result of interrupted blood circulation. Exercise increases blood circulation in the body. A bedridden patient should keep doing some motion exercises that need a bit of motion but can result in a good blood circulation making the oxygen reach every part of the body preventing the patient from bedsores. A bedridden patient should also take a very healthy diet and should avoid smoking.



Like Aloe Vera, Beetroot is also known for preventing the itchiness and soothing the sores. You can mix honey with beetroot for making it a more effective way to prevent bedsore. Honey is a liquid that will keep the area moisturized where bedsore has appeared and also prevents bed sore from redness.


Medical Products:

Many products have been made in order to treat bedsores such as ointments, antibiotics, and many more. Some products like medical pads, heel protectors and etc. are made from medical sheepskin to prevent and treat bed sore because of its antibacterial properties. You can use the desired product as per the area where bedsore has appeared.


Do you know why we were given a glass of milk with a spoon of turmeric added in it every time when we got a bruise? The reason is that turmeric has anti-oxidant properties and is antiseptic that helps in healing any kind of infection or injury.  Treating bed sore with turmeric can be the best choice as its antiseptic properties prevent bedsores from infection making it heal soon. An important tip is that do remember cleaning the part of the body with water where the bedsore is before applying turmeric.

Do Massage:

The best way to treat a bedsore is to increase blood circulation in the body. Doing massage increases blood circulation. Do it with warm coconut oil as it is best for the skin. Keep this thing in mind that you have to massage in the areas where the bedsore is not there. The blood will automatically reach that area through massage making the sore heal quickly.

Use Baby Powder:

We have discussed this thing below that for a bedridden patient it is very important for their skin to stay dry, because a wet skin can increase the risk of causing bedsore. Baby powder works best in drying the skin of a person. It should be applied on the bed sore and then left for some time. Few minutes after applying it will completely get absorbed on the skin making the sore heal.

Low air mattress:

A major reason for bedsores is the conventional mattress that a patient uses in a bedridden condition. Such mattresses trap heat in it resulting in skin rashes and sores. A low air mattress should be bought for a bedridden patient as this mattress has tiny holes on the top of its surface. These holes blow air continuously reducing pressure on the skin keeping the patient dry. The use of this mattress is the best therapy for all kinds of pressure sores.

When we have brilliant ways to treat something at home so why go to the hospitals for it. These were some ways of treating bedsores at home. Just keep this thing in your mind that carelessness in treating bedsore can result in serious consequences for the patient. Treat it immediately.


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