Marie Miller

Just Connect

~ May 18, 2007 ~

The Team
The Team

It’s funny to me when people say things like, "He or she is so
boring." And it is true that sometimes we feel that way. I mean we
connect with certain people, and others we don’t so much. The reality
of the situation of mankind is thus: We are in complete and
perfect union through the Body of Christ, whether or not we both like
the color green or the 49ers! If we could see how similar and connected
we really are, we would run and hug every random person on the street.
We would say things like," I see my God in you…Yes there He is, and I
see you in me and me in you." In heaven no one is boring,  not
because all of sudden they have this great stuff they never had, but
because WE can finally see clearly all the great stuff they have had
all along.

We are brothers and sisters in Christ! So close we can’t get enough
of each other. In this short life we may not be able to see it,
although some people saw it while living on earth. Mother Teresa saw
Jesus in every beggar and every rich, stuck up person. She knew the
secret! The amazing secret!

Last week my Uncle passed away. I attended the funeral, and as I sat
in a beautiful church thinking about him and how he is in heaven now, I
felt a horrible disconnect, a separation called death. Death is
powerful, but here is a bigger truth; we are connected still. Jesus has
broken every bond, even the bond of death. I will miss my Uncle Mike,
and so will his amazing family, but only for a little awhile, only till
life ends and real life begins.

The fact is, the connection I felt with him is the one I will feel
with everyone when I am in heaven. Family is the foretaste of the
reality of the heavenly family. It’s like one big love fest. Love
unites, love connects. So just love, just connect.


Megan is here!

~ January 22, 2007 ~

The Team
The Team

Like first snows and first blooms the rhythm of you

How long I’ve waited, how swift you came.*


Today is the left over of my first real snow this winter. My little siblings made a very complex snowman which supposedly looks like Tigger’s brother. After church yesterday, everybody stepped out into a new world of snow. Everything was touched with snowflakes, and it created a fairy tale scene. I felt that familiar feeling when, "snowflakes stay on my nose and eye lashes." I spent the snow day with my family and my dear friend.


Life has been exciting and a little trying this last month or so. It began on the first day of December. The most beautiful and cherished little girl was born, my sister Megan Patricia Miller. She was healthy and gorgeous, and my mom was amazing. When I first saw this little angel, I was forever changed.


A couple days later, we found out that Megan might have Down Syndrome. My first reaction was loss and sorrow, but my family and I began to pray for her. "If it be Your will Lord," I prayed, "Please allow her not have this condition." But it was His will, and a few days later we knew for sure she did have Down Syndrome. It was a difficult week for my family, but God’s grace allowed us to see the beauty of the situation.


She is still the most beautiful and cherished little girl. Just like every amazing gift of life, her mere existence is so much sunshine. It’s like first snows, magical. Her birth has allowed me to realize that all parents are parents of not only bodies but souls. Souls that will never die! Her life on earth will be filled with people that love her immensely and as my Oma told my sisters and me, "Everyone has mountains to climb. She will just have different ones." Every morning feels like Christmas with Megan around. So, thanks, sis. You are a treasure.


*Megan’s Song, written by Marie Miller


Let it snow, Let it snow!

~ February 12, 2006 ~

Marie Miller

Hello Everyone,

Snow is amazing! Have any of you seen the movie "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe"? When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was in Narnia, on the lookout for the White Witch. If you have not read the book or seen the new movie, please do! You will love it I promise.

We are performing at allot churches at the moment, and our next gig is at All Saints in Manassas, Va. The week after, we are playing in Leesburg. I am excited to play again. Our last gig was a few weeks ago at my church, St. John’s. Everyone was so awesome to come out and watch! Our youth director is such an amazing person, and she really made the setting so nice for everyone. Thank you Mrs. Seely. Her husband, Ted Seely, is playing guitar for us. He rocks.

Along with Ted Seely, I am performing with my Dad (base) and our drummer, Joey Marshall. Joey’s musical background consists of allot of punk-rocking out, but he is toning it down a bit for our music. Thanks Joey. (= It’s allot of fun for me to work with such talented and cool people.

Already, God has blessed me so much this year. I am excited to see what He has in store.

Many blessings, Marie


In my own words….

~ December 18, 2005 ~

Marie Miller

Thank you for stopping in to read my journal. I hope to write often and keep you updated on music and everything else that is going on. Tonight we played at St. Leo’s in Fairfax, VA for their youth group. I had a wonderful time, and I hope they liked it as well. Everyone has been so nice to us! It has been such a joy to perform.

So how do you feel about winter? I admit, it is perhaps somewhat interesting, but I already miss summer and warmth and all that goes with it. Good new, Christmas is soon, and I love winter as long as it is Christmas. I love new years too! Party!

I am excited about winter break! I will have more time to read! I am reading two books at the moment, Lord of the Rings (second time), and The History of Medieval Spain. I love Spanish history, and of course LOTR is like the best book ever written, hence my excitement!

Well I better get some sleep. Sweet dreams everyone.


Marie Graciela