Marie’s music is the natural intersection of her faith and fervor for life. Her Christ-centered view of faith and love is well beyond her 17 years and is beautifully reflected in her songwriting. While her personal journey continues to unfold, Marie uncompromising vision is driving her to not only share her music, but to be obedient to the call and purpose that God has placed on her life and the music that she is sharing with the world.

"Most young people are looking for happiness in all the wrong places; they think that romance or status or pleasure will satisfy their cravings for peace and happiness," shares Marie. "I hope that my songs will reach some of these souls and communicate to them that true happiness can be found only by doing what God created them for; their particular calling in life, their specific way of loving Him and loving other people."

As the third of ten children, Marie’s upbringing has certainly given her a different perspective and drive than most teens her age. Her musical passage began when she was merely eleven years singing and playing professionally in her home state of Virginia.

"Because Jesus wants to know each one of us intimately, my music is successful if it brings the gospel message to a personal level."

Marie MillerAt seventeen, her resume includes countless performances at churches, festivals and private events. Before being signed by Curb Records in August ’06, she was listed by Christianity as one of the "top ten independent artist to watch."

Award winning producer Mark Heimermann’s was one of the first to recognize Marie’s talents. He helped her to produce a seven song EP and connected her with songwriting talents such as Alisa Childers and veteran Nashville songwriter Judson Spence.

"I’ve been impressed with Marie’s untainted creativity and raw artistic abilities," stated Heimermann, who has worked with artists such as dcTalk, Staci Orrico, Jaci Velasquez and ZOEgirl. "She has an incredibly mature character to her voice, and at seventeen, she already exhibits an innate confidence in who she is and what she stands for in her artistry. Her voice stands out as one of the best I’ve produced in my twenty-year career."

In addition to her distinct voice and songwriting skills, Marie plays guitar and piano and is an amazing mandolin player. The flavor of the mandolin helps to define her sound within the world of Contemporary Christian Music. "It has been refreshing to work with and explore all of her musical gifts," states Heimermann. "We’ve only begun to tap into all that Marie has to offer as a new artist." One new area that Marie has launched into is leading Praise and Worship. More and more she is being called to lead worship and she has responded with her typical confidence and vigor.

While Marie’s musical sound certainly makes her unique, her focus and heartfelt message truly sets this special young woman apart. "At the heart of everyone is a desire for happiness," shares Marie. "On my new CD I have a song called "The Road". In essence, it makes the point that although there are many paths to choose from in this life, only one leads to eternal happiness. The problem is finding it and then sticking it out. Alone, this is impossible but fortunately, we have a Savior who will guide us if only we choose to follow Him. Moreover, if we do end up making some mistakes, He is always willing to right our path, or as C. S. Lewis writes in "The Great Divorce" … I do not think that all who choose wrong roads perish: but their rescue consists in being put back on the right road.

"I pray that you choose the road that leads you home."

Marie Miller