How to Be More Involved in Your Child’s Education

Being involved in your child’s education can help you to find out how they’re doing at school and allow you the opportunity to put measures in place to help. It also communicates how important education is and can make children take it seriously. We have teamed up with an independent school in Surrey to share ways in which you can be more actively involved in your child’s education and make a difference.

Become a Member of the PTA

A school PTA is a parent teacher association that allows parents to have a say in the running of their child’s school. Parents can get involved by putting on events to raise funds for facilities and in turn improve the school experience that their child receives. Other ways in which they can contribute involves talking on important matters that affect their children.

Help with Homework

Home work as we know is just as important as class work. We forget around 50% to 80% of what we learn after a day which makes going over it at home all the more important. The things that they are taught become ingrained into their memory and they can get better at it through practice. 

While you may be tempted to offer a helping hand, it’s important that your child has a go at completing their actual homework questions by themselves. This is so that their teachers can judge whether extra support is needed in class. So essentially, by helping, you could deprive your child of the help that they need. If they are stuck, you can always explain the concepts and create questions of your own. Do a few together before letting them attempt their actual homework.

A Tutor

For working mums and dads, finding the time to help with homework can be difficult. This is where a tutor can help. They can offer extra tuition to help them with their problem areas and get ahead at school. They may also be able to take a look at homework and assist them so that it is understood and completed.

Speak to Them About School

There’s more to school than just its academic side. It helps children to develop holistically as people as they develop their social skills, make friends, and explore their interests. This time can be an emotional roller coaster. They will go through a lot of changes and may struggle to deal with them which is where being an emotionally supportive parent is important. So that you can offer help, it’s important that they know that they can come to you with whatever it is that they need or are struggling with. Something that you can do by creating a fair, non-judgemental space where they can be open and honest with you.

Speak to Their Teacher

Teachers are able to observe their students and see if there’s anything wrong whether that be in their school work or behaviour. They will be able to give you the full picture to help you to consolidate what your child has told you and offer guidance.

Implement Routine

Routine is something that children thrive from. It offers a sense of normality when there’s so much change going on around them while helping to maintain healthy habits. Sleep and diet are good examples of lifestyle choices that would affect their education if they were left to them. A good sleeping pattern and healthy, nutritious diet are needed for optimal concentration and success at school. There are many others that you should keep an eye on as a parent like screen time and exercise. It might come with some rebuttal but enforcing rules around them will help you to see notable improvements in their performance.

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